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 BJJ Girl's Journey 


The Lioness is powerful. She hunts to feed the pride.  She nurses, nurtures, and loves her cubs.  She teaches them to hunt and love.  She chooses when and whom to be bred by.  She is mighty and yet the Lion is still the “King of the Jungle”.  So, too are women, we are mighty and powerful because we stand on our own feet, we nurture and raise our young.  We teach them.  We have compassion and yet can kill to feed and protect our own pride.  Our man is still “King” of our home.  Neither subservient to the other, but a powerful house together and alone at the same time. Find your Lioness! Redeem your femininity, it is more powerful than you give credence.    The journey of the lioness began long ago just as the BJJ Girl's journey did.


  Mahayana Buddhism teaches that we can all achieve enlightenment/ immortality.  The Lotus Sutra is the supreme of all the sutras.  Much like Christ taught us that we can achieve immortality and in some sects Godhood like Buddhism Buddhahood.  Before we can attain this, we must begin our journey.  The lotus flower symbolizes the journey of the BJJ girl.  The lotus flower blooms often in dirty water or ponds.  It is held out of the water.  It grows above the water so it stays clean.  Much like we should not be defiled by the world, rising from the darkness of the world to the light and purity


.  White represents purity in mind, body, and spirit.  This is the color Buddha sat on.  It is the beginning of our journey, if our mind is clouded it is difficult to learn and be taught.  The white belt must have a pure mind to listen and learn often without any understanding, trusting their teacher to lead them.


  The red lotus, for we must have the passion and love to learn and love towards our fellow man to know when to defend and when not to.  Like the red lotus, the blue belt must have a strong passion and love as the road here becomes frustrating.  You know more and yet often do not see when it is the right time to execute.  Blue, we must become wise as we learn techniques to harm.


  The blue lotus has similar characteristics to the purple belt.  Having learned and become passionate and weathered the learning curve, this is the stage of our journey that we learn when and where to use our skill.  The wisdom to know how and when to defend ourselves and our pride.  Wisdom to protect and yet love with purity not to be the aggressor.


  The purple lotus for mysticism and greater spirituality. Akin to the brown belt and purple lotus with this spirituality understands the difference between the peace of defense and the power of aggression.  She knows when and how to move.  When to be slow and fast and when to wait on her opponent to make the next move.


The pink lotus, the supreme of all, the enlightened being, is analogous to the black belt knowing the techniques, understanding their opponent, using force when necessary and love or patience when called for.  The black belt has confidence, pure pride not arrogance.  Comfort in who she has become.  The black belt, the pink lotus, the lioness, always secure in what she does, with love, wisdom, passion, purity, mysticism and a sure knowledge, she walks beside her Lion King equal to, but different.  Enlightened none the less, just as Eve was made from Adams left rib to walk by his side, through BJJ, we can become our own lioness.  Confident in who and what we are without taking from our Lion King.  Become the Lioness...  Become YOUR Lioness, Create your own Legacy: Lion or Lioness!  Copyright March 12, 2016 Stephanie Clay/ Elisabeth Clay

Although I am still on my Journey to becoming my Lioness, I find peace and excitement for all of the stages before me!  Thanks for keeping me in your sights and following my journey.  May we all benefit from one another’s experiences.  Elisabeth Clay 8/2/2016


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